Professional Learning & Support

Item 10.  Staff receives initial training and ongoing professional development to support RTI implementation


Merely attending to screening, logistics, protocols, materials, interventions and fidelity will not garner the results and or impacts an effectively implemented RTI system has the potential to provide to schools and districts.  School districts must carefully plan and implement high quality, initial training in each RTI component.  The training needs address adult learner needs, provide examples and time for staff to process and collaborate. Design and strategic plan to train on each RTI component. Following the initial training plan for ongoing and embedded adult learning in each RTI component.  

  • Review OASIS Data and ORTIi Installation Matrix with your ORTIi coach
  • Identify areas for growth
  • Design a RTI Professional Learning Plan with your ORTIi coach’s support.
  • Implement the RTI Professional Learning Plan

Design Professional learning that:

  • Aligns RTI implementation goals, district standards and assessments, and other professional-learning activities
  • Focuses on core content and modeling strategies for the content
  • Includes opportunities for active learning of new concepts and strategies
  • Provides a chance for teachers to collaborate
  • Includes follow-up and continuous feedback