About ORTIi


The purpose of Oregon Response to Instruction and Intervention is to provide technical assistance to Oregon school districts implementing Response to Intervention (RTI) systems that provide targeted, effective instruction to meet the needs of all students and provide the framework to identify students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD). The focus of the project is on literacy, early intervention, and the use of evidenced-based practices.  ORTIi has been supported by the Oregon Department of Education since 2006.

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RTI Essential Components

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Oregon RTIi identifies nine components that are critical for deep and sustainable implementation of an RTI system that effectively meets the needs of all learners, improves achievement outcomes, and is sustainable over time. The four system Infrastructure components are derived from significant research on implementation science and effective schools, and provide the foundation and pillars of support for the implementation virtually any significant school improvement effort. The five Implementation components are universally accepted as essential, specific features of a Response to Intervention system.

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ORTIi Project Outcomes


The Oregon Response to Instruction and Intervention Project is focused on improving academic outcomes for students in every school district. Across the dozens of school districts that have participated in the project over the past 10 years, most have seen an increase in the percentage of students identified as proficient readers, and a reduction in the percentage of students needing the most intensive level of reading supports, including those students identified with Specific Learning Disabilities.  

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Current ORTIi Project Districts

Cadre 11:

  • Dufur

  • Newberg

  • Oregon Trail

  • Philomath

  • Prairie City

  • Salem-Keizer

  • St Paul

  • Sherman County

  • South Umpqua

  • Vernonia

  • Wallowa

  • Yamhill Carlton

Cadre 2 Middle School: 

  • Grants Pass

  • Greater Albany

  • Hood River

  • Sheridan

Cadre 2 Math:

  • Clatskanie

  • Klamath County

  • McKenzie

  • Monroe

  • Sutherlin

Our Vision: "Every child in every district receives the instruction that they need and deserve... every day."

Our Mission: "Cultivate the thinking and skills in leadership at all levels to build and sustain comprehensive multi-level system of prevention and support that identifies and serves the instructional needs of all children."