Item 30. Interventions are research-based


According to the National Center for Intensive Interventions, β€œAn evidence-based intervention is an intervention for which data from scientific, rigorous research studies have demonstrated (or empirically validated) the efficacy of the intervention. Applying findings from experimental studies, single-case studies, or strong quasi-experimental studies, an evidence-based intervention improves student learning beyond what is expected without that intervention.”

 Utilizing evidence-based interventions ensures a much higher likelihood of student success as compared to a non-evidence-based intervention. Interventions chosen to be a part of your RTI system should be those that have rigorous evidence supporting their effectiveness, rather than programs that have shown limited or no evidence around effectiveness in remediating student skill deficits.

 The following resources can be used to help select evidence-based interventions to add to your protocol and to evaluate the evidence-base for intervention programs you are currently utilizing: