ORTIi Pre-Conference & Annual Main Conference April 2017

April 2017 ORTIi Conference Brochure

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Pre-Conference - Wednesday, April 26th

Pre-Conference: Keynote Address:

Appropriate Instructional Assessment Practices for English Learners with RTI Frameworks  Sylvia Linan-Thompson, University of Oregon

Pre-Conference: Session One

PBIS as a Framework to Establish Preventative and Equitable School Climates  Teri Lewis, Salem-Keizer School District

An Introduction to the National Center on Improving Literacy: Towards the Scaling Up of Evidence-based Approaches for Screening, Identification, and Teaching of Students with Reading Disabilities, Including Dyslexia  Hank Fien & Nancy Nelson, University of Oregon

Resources for Enhancing the Cultural Responsiveness of PBIS Systems  Kent McIntosh, University of Oregon

Pre-Conference: Session Two

Empowering Effective Instruction Across Literacy in Multiple Languages: A Collective Data-Based Decision Making Process  Amy Harlow & Lilliana Jimenez, Forest Grove School District

Successes, Challenges and Lessons Learned: Implementing RTI and Gaining Traction in Equity for ALL  Kelly Welch, Gladstone School District

Delivering on Equity: Being Intentional and Courageous  Markisha Smith & Rudyane Rivera-Lindstrom, ODE Office of Equity and Inclusion

Building, then Sustaining, a Long-Term Culture of Purpose  Scott Drue & Alfonso Giardiello, Beaverton School District

Pre-Conference: Session Three

Lessons Learned When Implementing RTI in Dual Language Classrooms: Dos and Don'ts  Sylvia Linan-Thompson, Angie Whalen & Beth Harn, University of Oregon

Social Perspective Taking and Empathy: Setting the Stage for Caring Learning Environments  Vicki Nishioka, Education Northwest

From Classroom Moments to Disproportionate Outcomes: Improving Equity through SW-PBIS  Chris Borgmeier, Portland State University

Main Conference

Thursday, April 27th

Keynote Address:

Closing the Achievement Gap: Creating Effective Learning Environments for All Students  Anthony Muhammad, President, New Frontier 21 Consulting

Day 1: Session 1

Systematic Instruction: A Model of Success for all Students to Learn  Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Transforming School Culture  Anthony Muhammad, President, New Frontier 21 Consulting

Erasing the Misery of Reading and Spelling Multi-Syllable Words  Shawna Forni, Implementation Specialist, Really Great Reading

Improving Reading Outcomes with Adolescents: Promising Practices to Inspire Reading Growth in all Students  Terri Metcalf, Content Specialist, Michigan's Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative  

Number Sense - Is it the Universal Math Intervention?  Steve Wyborney, District Math Coach, Ontario School District

Individual Problem Solving (IPS) for Students with Intensive Needs  Jon Potter, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Improving Intervention Systems: Using Data to Maximize Results  Angelisa Braaksma Fynaardt, Director of Special Education, Great Prairie Area Education Agency, Iowa, & Sarah Brown, University of Minnesota

Learning Disability Identification: How to get more bang for your buck  Jacob Williams, Senior Advisor, Education Northwest

Supporting Students around Behavior at Advanced Tiers  Florence Protopapas, Student Services Coordinator, David Douglas School District

District Level Data Review: The Effective Way to Improve Student Outcomes  Lisa Bates & Sally Helton, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Rethinking Professional Development  Emily Putney, Instructional Coach & Ashley Cantrell, 2nd Grade Teacher, Gaston Elementary School

Real World RTI: Leadership Lessons from a Successful School District  Diane Dunas, Student Services Director & Debbie Foley, Elementary Principal, Sutherlin School District

Trials and Tribulations on the Road to Success: The Journey of One Small Rural School  Robert Rusk, Principal, Alice Olstedt, 8th Grade Teacher, Jermey Hirsch, Support and 6th Grade Technology Teacher, & Brenda Edwards, Learning Specialist, Broadway Middle School, Seaside School District

RTI 101  Nicole Kaye, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Support is Necessary: Superintendent and School Board Support for Successfully Implementing and Sustaining RTI  Paul Erlebach, Superintendent, Neah-Kah-Nie School District & Jenice Pizzuto, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Day 1: Session 2

Making Your Read Aloud Interactive  Julie Walker, EBISS Coordinator, and Jenn Montoya & Lindsley Gehrig, Instructional Coaches, Bend-La Pine School District

Elephants in the Room: Confronting the Barriers to Effective Collaboration  Anthony Muhammad, President, New Frontier 21 Consulting

Diagnosing Decoding Issues in the Student of All Ages  Shawna Forni, Implementation Specialist, Really Great Reading

Putting Culturally Responsive Strategies in School Discipline Practices  Vicki Nishioka, Oregon State Coordinator, Education Northwest & Andy McFarlane, Director of Option Programs, Tigard Tualatin School District

Engaging with Numbers  Cary Cermak, Elementary Math Coach, Roseburg Public Schools

Facilitated Team Time for IPS  Jon Potter and Shelby DiFonzo, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Specific Learning Disability (SLD) Decision Making within an RTI System  Nicole Nakayama, School Psychologist, Teresa Collins, Special Education TOSA, & Kate Lode, Literacy TOSA, Springfield School District

District Math Data Meetings  Steve Wyborney, District Math Coach, Ontario School District

Standards of Practice for Core Instruction  Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach

It Is All About Supporting School Staff: Using Research Evidence from Implementation Science to Produce and Sustain Equitable Outcomes  Kathleen Ryan-Jackson, National Implementation Research Network (NERN), Sandra Price, Director of Elementary Education, Salem-Keizer School District, & Lillian Groff, Special Education Teacher, 4J School District

District-Wide RTI Implementation: Is the Culture Ready for RTI?  Melissa Carter, District Literacy & Title 1 Coordinator, Forest Grove School District

Supporting RTIi Implementation and Partnerships at the Secondary Level  Ken Martinez, Instructional Coach, Ontario School District

School Psychologists in Multi-Tiered Systems of Support: A Discussion of Roles, Challenges, and Successes  Elena Diamond, Assistant Professor, Lewis & Clark College & Angie Whalen, Clinical Associate Professor, University of Oregon

RTI Strategery Strategically Planning to Implement RTI  Lisa Bates & Jenice Pizzuto, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Day 1: Session 3

A Conversation with Anthony Muhammad  Anthony Muhammad, President, New Frontier 21 Consulting

Math RTI: All Students Can Succeed in Math  Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Supporting Student Learning Through Small Group Instruction  Effie Triol, K-4 Literacy Coordinator, Student & School Success, ESD 112, Vancouver, Washington & Marie Klemmer, Instructional Coach, Washougal School District

A Framework for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Academic Intervention within Multi-Tiered Support Systems - PLUSS  Amanda Sanford, associate Professor & Julie Esparza Brown, Associate Professor, Portland State University

Bringing the Process of Evaluating Core Screening Data to Life! Core Review/100% Meetings: Tier 1 (Core)  Jenice Pizzuto, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Bye-Bye Chit Chat - Hello Purposeful Talk!  Tara Bourland-Black, Principal Firwood Elementary School, Oregon Trail School District

Implementing RTI for SLD: Our Messy Journey and What We Have Learned  Elise Hall, Title 1/ELA Coordinator, David Douglas School District, & the DDSD RTI for SLD Implementation Team: Alyssa Alvord, Lindsay Defazio, Amy Straw, and Sarah Magnano

Driven by Data: The Use of DIBELS Math within an Outcomes Driven Model  Courtney Wheeler, Research Scientist and Kelly Powell-Smith, VP and Associate Director of Research and Development, Dynamic Measurement Group

Tier One PBIS  Teri Lewis, PBIS Implementation Coordinator, Salem-Keizer School District

Looking Back and Forging Ahead: Lessons Learned on Getting the Most Out of Your RTI System  Jon Potter, ORTIi Implementation Coach & David Putnam, ORTIi Director

Embracing Humility: RTI for the Long Haul  Joyce Woods, Director of Student Services, Maureen Feldman, Special Education Procedures and Compliance TOSA, & Lindsey Pratt, PBIS TOSA, Tigard Tualatin School District

Promoting School Attendance and Engaging Families  Florence Protopapas, Student Services Coordinator, David Douglas School District

Oregon's Early Learning and Kindergarten Guidelines  Brett Walker, Education Program Specialist, Early Learning Division, ODE

Day 1: Session 4

Implementing the Requirements of Oregon's New Dyslexia Legislation Using a Multi-Tiered System of Support  Carrie Thomas Beck, Dyslexia Specialist, Oregon Department of Education

What Can ORTIi Teach Us About Pioneering Practices?  Erin Lolich, Professional Development Director & Megan Irwin, Northwest Regional Education Service District

Going Deeper with Individual Problem Solving: Evaluating the Learner Using Curriculum-Based Evaluation  Angie Whalen, University of Oregon, & Lisa Bates, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Using RTI for Determining Specific Learning Disability Eligibility  Nicole Kaye & Sally Helton, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Mathematical Fluency = Fun!  Molly Smith, 5th Grade Teacher, North Powder School District

Enhancing Core Reading Instruction (ECRI) for At-Risk Readers (K-2)  Carol Dissen, Center for Teaching and Learning

Get Your Coaching Moves On!!  Julie Walker, EBISS Coordinator and Lindsley Gehrig and Jenn Montoya, Instructional Coaches, Bend-La Pine School District

Leadership Matters in Improving Core Instruction, Supporting Implementation of Effective Instruction and 100% Meeting/Core Review Meetings  Jenice Pizzuto, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Tier Two and Three PBIS  Teri Lewis, PBIS Implementation Coordinator, Salem-Keizer School District

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support for Secondary Schools: It's Never Too Late to Close the Gap  Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Math Strategies to Support Language Learners  Jan Osborne, K-12 Math Coach, Hood River County School District

Using Evidence-Based Formative Assessment as a Quality Classroom Practice  Erin Whitlock, Center for Great Public Schools, OEA, Leah Starkovich, David Douglas SD and OEA, and Catherine Contreras, St. Helens School District and OEA

We are More Alike, My Friends, Than We are Unalike: Universal Lessons from Implementing RTI in Independent International Schools  Ralph Pruitt, Asst. Superintendent, International School Group, & David Putnam, ORTIi Director  

Friday, April 28th

Day 2: Session 5

Foundation Skills in Writing K-5  Anita Archer, Educational Consultant

Striving for Equity in Oregon's Graduation Outcomes: How Can the Graduation Equity Fund (SB 183) Support School Districts as They Strive for Equitable Outcomes  Colt Gill, Oregon Education Innovation Officer, & Laura Lien, Research Analyst, Chief Education Office

Data Based Decision Making in the Age of Unreason  Jon Potter, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Increasing Equity Through Engaging Instructional Environments for All Students  Erin Chaparro, Educational and Community Supports, University of Oregon

Number Combining  Cary Cermak, Elementary Math Coach, Roseburg Public Schools

Connecting the Dots: 100% Meetings, School Improvement Plans, Site Council & Teacher Goals: How One School Connected the Dots to Work Smarter and Not Harder  Dan Busch, Principal, and the Fowler Middle School Site Council (Susan Morgan, Natalie Heath, Aaron Bech, Caitlin Ponzetti, Matt Kingsley, Sarah Foltz, and Eliza Mosbrucker), Tigard Tualatin School District

Reading for Meaning - Fluently  Kristi Vincent, Educational Coach, Read Naturally, Inc

Special Considerations for English Learners in the SLD Eligibility Process  Nicole Kaye and Sally Helton, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Unshaken: An Educator's Life with Seizures  Steve Wyborney, District Math Coach, Ontario School District

The Future of MTSS in Oregon - Come Share Your View!  Shawna Moran, ODE Educational Specialist, Jennifer Ecklund Smith, ODE Coherent Strategies SSIP/SPDG Specialist, and Mariana Praschnik-Enrique, ODE Cohesion Specialist

Leadership for Learning: Building Capacity, Advocating, Creating Support Systems for Professional Learning  Erin Whitlock, Consultant, Institute for Professional Skills & Practice, Center for Great Public Schools, OEA, Andrea Shunk, Educational Policy and Practices Strategist, OEA, & Jenna Schadler, Grant Coordinator, North Clackamas School District

The Professional Learning Link: Improved Adult Learning Leads to Improved Student Learning  Tanya Frisendahl, Oregon Department of Education

Effects of a Web-Based Responsive Parenting Intervention on Low-Income Spanish-Speaking Mother-Child Interactions During Shared-Book Reading  Ruby Batz, Center for Teaching and Learning & Center for Translational Neuroscience, University of Oregon

Addressing Problems of Practice: A Collaborative Conversation for TOSAs, Coordinators, and Coaches Developing and Supporting an MTSS System  Jennifer Stackhouse, Intervention Coordinator, & Kristin Wilson, PBIS/Restorative Justice Coordinator, Gresham-Barlow School District

Day 2: Session 6

Increasing Student Engagement Through Opportunities to Respond  Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Short Writing Often NOT Just Long Writing Seldom  Anita Archer, Educational Consultant

How Much is Enough? Observing Small Group Interventions to Improve Outcomes  Ronda Fritz, Assistant Professor, Eastern Oregon University, & Beth Harn, Associate Professor, University of Oregon

Supporting Long-Term English Learners in Middle Schools  Erin Chaparro, Educational and Community Supports, University of Oregon

How to Run an Effective and Efficient Intervention Review Meeting  Shelby DiFonzo, ORTIi Implementation Coach

The Five Evidence-Based Practices of Classroom Management  Jason Harlacher, MTSS Specialist, Colorado Department of Education

Foundational Skills: Standards Tell Us What, Research Tells Us How  Kristi Vincent, Educational Coach, Read Naturally, Inc.

Going From a "Promising Initiative" to "On-Going Ways of Work": Action Steps for Sustainability  Kimberly Ingram, Facilitator of Special Programs, Brian Megert, Director of Special Programs, & Whitney McKinley, Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Springfield School District

Math That Works: Using Reteach and Enrich to Excel Math Learning for Students  Tara Bourland-Black, Principal, Firwood Elementary, & Rachael George, Principal, Sandy Elementary, Oregon Trail School District

Leveraging the Power of a Growth Mindset in an Elementary Classroom  Sarah Vannice, 2nd Grade Teacher, Lake Oswego School District

Implementation Strategies for Implementing and Sustaining Effective Change to Transform Professional Learning  Erin Whitlock, Consultant, Institute for Professional Skills & Practice, Center for Great Public Schools, OEA, Andrea Shunk, Education Policy and Practice Strategist, Center for Great Public Schools, OEA, & Jenna Schadler, Grant Liaison, North Clackamas School District

Improving Educator Practice Through Instructional Mentoring  Tanya Frisendahl, ODE

Kids Do Well If They Can: Looking at Behavior Through the Lens of Unsolved Problems and Lagging Skills  Kathy Helgeson, Leadership Coach, Rogue Ed Consulting

Endnote Address:

The Science, Art, and Heart of Teaching  Anita Archer, Educational Consultant