Professional Learning

“Increasing the effectiveness of professional learning is the leverage point with the greatest potential for strengthening and refining the day-to-day performance of educators.”

                                  -  Learning Forward

Professional Learning

How do we improve? Teachers, principals and support staff report that the result of a continual focus on improved adult learning leads to increased student learning.  Effective professional learning fosters learning not only across teams but entire schools and districts. Learning that is ongoing and sustained rather episodic, collective rather than individualistic, job embedded with opportunities to practice, results oriented, driven by data, current research and feedback supports effective school change and promotes a learning focused culture.

“The most beneficial aspect of participating in ORTIi is... seeing the unity in a staff that was once somewhat divided on their view of the impact RTI could make. I have an entire staff that is bought into this process, understands it far better and is working more collaboratively."

Standards for Professional Learning

ORTIi, Oregon Department of Education, and Teacher Standards of Practice have adopted the Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning.  The seven standards are:

  • Learning Communities
  • Leadership
  • Resources
  • Data
  • Learning Designs
  • Implementation
  • Outcomes

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