A maximum of 5 districts will be selected to participate in the Middle School Literacy Cadre 2, beginning in the Fall of 2018-19. To be eligible to participate, districts must:

  • Be an Oregon public school district that has completed a full ORTIi training sequence in elementary literacy and be maintaining a comprehensive RTI system at that level.
  • Use an ODE approved researched-based middle school core literacy program, OR use an independent adoption that includes materials that meet the criteria established by the State Board of Education. Districts with independent adoptions will complete the ODE ELA Adoption Criteria checklist.
  • The capacity to develop and use an early warning system that includes a screening assessment tool (e.g., CARI, easyCBM, AIMSweb) to identify the needs of at-risk students.
  • Have commitment from the core leadership team to implement a comprehensive MTSS in the area of math for ALL students.

Detailed information about the requirements for participation, the supports and benefits to participating districts, and the application process are included in the application materials linked below. A live webinar with additional information and an opportunity to ask questions will be provided on May 10th from 1:00 to 2:00. Please contact David Putnam, Director, ORTIi, for more information regarding the webinar (dputnam@ttsd.k12.or.us).

Section I Introduction 2018-2020 ORTIi Middle School Application
Section II DIET-DB2 2018-2020 Middle School Application
Section III DIET-SB2 Self Report Middle School Application 2018-2020
Section IV Implementation Resource Planning 2018-2020 ORTIi Middle School Application
Section V Signature Page 2018-2020 Middle School Application
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If you have questions, please contact Sarah Soltz at sarah.soltz@state.or.us, or at  503-947-5752.