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Exemplar Handbook 

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RTI Handbook Guidelines

Math - RTI Handbook Guidelines 

Middle School - RTI Handbook Guidelines 

Tigard-Tualatin School District EBIS (RTI) Handbook

Bend-LaPine School District EBIS (RTI) Handbook

Roseburg MTI Handbook

This document is a sample of an RTI Handbook and comprises all of the nine essential features of RTI.  In addition,  and includes several samples of some of the most essential resources, such as meeting agendas (100%, 20%, Individual Problem Solving, and SLD Decision Making), Standards of Practice (i.e.; Standard Reading Protocol, Reading Non-Negotiables, or Common Agreements), and decision rules for intervention placement and progress monitoring.  We provide this document as a 'model,' but each district is to customize their handbook to suit their particular needs and district characteristics.  

Teaming Structures

Strong, effective leadership is critical for successful implementation of RTI.  In order to establish an effective RTI system, leaders and leadership teams must create and maintain several critical practices.  Among these are establishing standards of practice, effectively allocating resources, installing effective communication loops, and creating leadership team structures.  “Leadership” is not a person but different people engaging in different kinds of leadership behavior as needed to establish effective programs and sustain them as circumstances change over time.  Therefore it’s imperative for all leaders from superintendent and cabinet members to principals and teacher leaders be aligned and steadfast in their beliefs and actions in order to increase student achievement. 

ORTIi District Teaming Structure Example

District Implementation Checklist

District Implementation Checklist