ORTIi Pre-Conference & Annual Main Conference April 2018

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Wednesday, April 25th

Pre-Conference Professional Development Certificate

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dr. David Putnam, Director ORTIi

Endnote Address

Master Your Mindset: Master Your Life Dr. Shera Sackey

Thursday, April 26

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dr. David Putnam, Director, ORTIi

Keynote Address

Day 1: Session 1

Increasing Student Engagement Through Opportunities to Respond Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Analysis Paralysis: How to Select an Intervention in a World Where Everything is Evidence-Based Sarah Arden, Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research and Erica Lembke, Professor, University of Missouri






Interactive Read Alouds Julie Walker, EBISS Coordinator, Jenn Montoya & Lindsley Gehrig, Instructional Coaches, Bend-LaPine School District

Data Based Decision Making in the Age of Unreason Jon Potter, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Building a Strong RTI Culture: Leadership that Improves Student Learning through Effective Collaboration and Data-Based Decision Making Steven Carney, Principal, Woodland Public Schools, Woodland, Washington

Meeting Oregon's Dyslexia Requirements Through and RTI Model Carrie Thomas Beck, Dyslexia Specialist, Oregon Department of Education and Shelby DiFonzo, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Improving Number Sense in Struggling 3rd-5th Graders Jen Hunt, Elementary Math Consultant, SMc Consulting

Effective Behavior Support: Tier 1 Colleen Thompson, EBIS Tier 1 Coach: Grades K-1, Sari Hedges, EBIS Tier 1 Coach: Grades 2-3, Sheri LeDrew, EBIS Tier 1 Coach: Grades 4-5, Tigard-Tualatin School District

RTI "Strategery": Strategically Planning to Implement RTI Lisa Bates and Jenice Pizzuto, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Problems of Practice: A Collaborative Conversation for Teachers, Para-Professionals, and Administrators Supporting MTSS in Schools Jennifer Stackhouse, Intervention Coordinator K-8, Gresham-Barlow School District, Richelle Wuethrich, Reading Specialist, East Gresham Elementary, and Michelle Cook, Principal, Powell Valley Elementary School

Day 1: Session 2

Coordinated Literacy Through Comprehension Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Collective Efficacy: Creating a School Culture of "Public Practice" with Actionable Feedback for ALL Teachers Dr. Kevin Feldman







Instructional Coaching Julie Walker, EBISS Coordinator, Jenn Montoya & Lindsley Gehrig, Instructional Coaches, Bend-La Pine School District

Building Complex Multi-Tiered Systems: Implementing Data-Based Individualization and Intensive Interventions in Mathematics Sarah Arden, Senior Research Scientist, American Institute for Research, William Rasplica, Executive Director of Student Supports, and Kelly DeMarco Glick, School Psychologist, Franklin Pierce School District

Bending the Arc of Achievement! Evidence-Based Practices for Closing the Achievement Gap David Putnam, Director ORTIi and Jenice Pizzuto, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Implementing Intensive Intervention: Integrating Behavior and Academics through Data-Based Individualization Chris Riley-Tillman, Professor and Department Chair, University of Missouri and Sarah Benz, Research Intern, American Institutes for Research

Arti-facts and Derived Facts: Increasing Multiplication Fact Fluency Using Research-Driven Methods Jen Hunt, Elementary math Consultant, SMc Consulting

"Hair on Fire?" The Shift to Capacity-Building for Behavior Joyce Woods, Director of Student Services and Laura Batchelor, Associate Director of Student Services

Bringing the Process of Evaluating Core Screening Data to Life through Core Review Meetings Shelby DiFonzo, ORTIi Implementation Coach

PBIS 101: Overview of Tier I School-Wide Foundations Teri Lewis, PBIS Implementation Coordinator, Michelle Massar, PBIS Coach, and Charisse Elliott, PBIS Coach, Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Building Infrastructure and Capacity for SLD Decision Making Lisa Bates and Sally Helton, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Leveraging the Power of a Growth Mindset in an Elementary Classroom Sarah Vannice, 2nd Grade Teacher, Lake Oswego School District

Day 1: Session 3

Academic Literacy Across the Grades and Content Areas K-8 Dr. Kevin Feldman


Are You Hitting the Mark? Seven Key Elements for Effective Professional Learning Jenice Pizzuto and Nicole Kaye, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Building and Maintaining a Healthy School Culture Jon Potter, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Enhancing Your core Reading Program Instruction (Grades K-2)  Carol Dissen, Literacy Projects Coordinator, Center on Teaching and Learning, University of Oregon

District Level Data Review: The Effective Way to Improve Student Outcomes Lisa Bates and Sally Helton, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Creating a Welcoming School for Every Student. Social Perspective Taking and Empathy: Setting the Stage for Caring Learning Environments Vicki Nishioka, Senior Adviser - School Climate and Discipline, Education Northwest and John Lenssen, Instructor/Consultant

If We Build It, We Will Use It, and We Will Improve Outcomes: Using Implementation Science Research in Real World Practice Kathleen Ryan Jackson, Implementation Specialist, National Implementation Research Network & Western Implementation Society for Practice & Research (WISPR), Amanda Waldroup, State Transformation Specialist, Kentucky Department of Education, and Lillian Groff, Behavior Specialist, 4J School District & WISPR

Oregon RTIi: A Framework for Delivering on the Promise of Reaching and Teaching ALL Students David Putnam, Director ORTIi

Advanced Topics in Tier 2 Check-in Check-Out Implementation: Fading and Intensifying Support Billie Jo Rodriguez, School Psychologist/PBIS Coach, Springfield Public Schools

Using i-Ready to Effectively Implement Math RTI Jandy Eskew, Math Coach, South Baker Intermediate School

Day 1: Session 4

Collective Teacher Efficacy Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach and Julie Walker, EBISS Coordinator, Bend-La Pine School District

Friday, April 27th

Celebrating Our Collective Success - David Putnam, Director ORTIi







Welcome from Colt Gill, Oregon Deputy Superintendent of Instruction

Day 2: Session 5

Learning Intentions and Success Criteria: Opening a Path to Learning Anita Archer






The Five Evidence-based Principles of Classroom Management  Jason Harlacher, MTSS Specialist, Colorado Department of Education

Building and Sustaining Long-Term School Improvement: Systemic Change Requires Systematic Thinking Scott Drue, Principal and Alfonso Giardiello, Assistant Principal, Aloha-Huber Park K-8 School, Beaverton School District

Characteristics of English Learners' Writing in Grades 1-3: Understanding Language Influenced Errors Sylvia Thompson, Associate Professor, University of Oregon

Using RTI to Determine SLD Eligibility: An Introduction Jon Potter, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Improving Comprehension with Structured Student Talk within an Explicit Summarization Routine Dan Busch, Principal, Mandy Apple, Math Teacher, Aaron Bech, Spanish Teacher, Sarah Foltz, Science Teacher, Jill Flores, Language Arts Teacher, Susan Morgan, Instructional Coordinator, Matt Kingsley, Reading Teacher, and Caitlin Ponzetti, Instructional Technology TOSA, Fowler Middle School, Tigard Tualatin School District

Understanding and Supporting Students with Challenging Behavior: Building Capacity in Teachers and Schools Chris Borgmeier, Professor, Portland State University

Growing Math Knowledge for Teaching Cary Cermak-Rudolf, Instructional Support Specialist, Roseburg Public Schools

Leadership Matters in Improving Core Instruction, Supporting Effective Instruction, and Core Review (100%) Meetings Jenice Pizzuto, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Taking Your Core Review Meetings to the Next Level Shelby DiFonzo, ORTIi Implementation Coach


Day 2: Session 6

Reading Foundations: Preparing Students to be Accurate, Fluent Readers Anita Archer







Influencing Change Through the Power of Leadership  Christine Russell, Behavior consultant, and Chelsea Boyd, Literacy Consultant, Genessee Intermediate School District, Michigan

Improving Language and Literacy Outcomes for English Learners in Elementary and Middle School Erin Chaparro, Research Assistant Professor, University of Oregon

Using RTI for Determining Specific Learning Disability Eligibility Nicole Kaye and Sally Helton, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

From Classroom Interactions to Disproportionate Outcomes: Addressing Inequity through SW-PBIS Chris Borgmeier, Professor, Portland State University

Disproportionality in School Discipline: How Do We Measure It and What Can We Do?  Bert Eliason, Research Associate, University of Oregon

Improving Students Academic Vocabulary and Language Use Amanda Sanford, Associate Professor, and Julie Esparza Brown, Associate Professor, Portland State University and Jordan Mills Teacher on Special Assignment, Jessica Swindle Title 1 Reading Specialist, and Todd Farris, Principal, Metzger Elementary School, Tigard Tualatin School District

Day 2: Session 7

English Learners and Dyslexia: Effective Screening Practices for Beginning Readers and Beyond Sylvia Linan Thompson, Associate Professor, University of Oregon

Sailing Toward Sustainability by Integrating Academic and Behavior Support Systems Kent McIntosh, Professor, University of Oregon






Differentiating Early Math Instruction through Technology Ben Clarke, Associate Professor, Mari Strand Cary, Research Associate, Lina Shanley, Research Associate, Kathy Jungjohann, Research Associate, Nancy Nelson, Research Associate, and Hank Fien, Associate Professor, University of Oregon, Chris Doabler, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin

A System of Care for Students with Severe Behavior Need: The importance of high-quality instruction as a foundation Jacob Williams, Senior Advisor, Education Northwest

Develop Number Sense and Math Vocabulary through Number Talks Jane Osborne, K-12 Math Coach, Hood River County School District

PBIS Assessment: Using Survey Tools to Guide Implementation Fidelity Bert Eliason, Research Associate, University of Oregon

Is Your Intervention System Working? Lisa Bates and Nicole Kaye, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Building a Strong Foundation: Accelerating and Intervening to Make the Most of Every Moment During the Kindergarten Year Jessica Swindle and Nicole Smith, Literacy Specialist and Title 1 Coordinators, Jordan Mills, Assistant Principal TOSA, and Joyce Haner, Reading Specialist, Tigard Tualatin School District

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