ORTIi Pre-Conference & Annual Main Conference April 2018

April 2018 ORTIi Conference Brochure

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Wednesday, April 25th

Main Conference

Thursday, April 26th

Day 1: Session 1

Increasing Student Engagement Through Opportunities to Respond Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Analysis Paralysis: How to Select an Intervention in a World Where Everything is Evidence-Based Sarah Arden, Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research and Erica Lembke, Professor, University of Missouri

Data Based Decision Making in the Age of Unreason Jon Potter, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Improving Number Sense in Struggling 3rd-5th Graders Jen Hunt, Elementary Math Consultant, SMc Consulting

RTI "Strategery": Strategically Planning to Implement RTI Lisa Bates and Jenice Pizzuto, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Day 1: Session 2

Day 1: Session 3

Math RTI: All Students Can Succeed in Math Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Academic Literacy Across the Grades and Content Areas K-8 Dr. Kevin Feldman

Connecting the Dots to Effective Professional Learning Jenice Pizzuto and Nicole Kaye, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Building and Maintaining a Healthy School Culture Jon Potter, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Enhancing Your core Reading Program Instruction (Grades K-2)  Carol Dissen, Literacy Projects Coordinator, Center on Teaching and Learning, University of Oregon

District Level Data Review: The Effective Way to Improve Student Outcomes Lisa Bates and Sally Helton, ORTIi Implementation Coaches

Using i-Ready to Effectively Implement Math RTI Jandy Eskew, Math Coach, South Baker Intermediate School

Day 1: Session 4

Collective Teacher Efficacy Dean Richards, ORTIi Implementation Coach and Julie Walker, EBISS Coordinator, Bend-La Pine School District

Individual Problem Solving (IPS) for Students with Intensive Needs Elise Hall, Title 1/ELA Administrator, David Douglas School District and Jon Potter, ORTIi Implementation Coach

Friday, April 27th

Day 2: Session 5

Day 2: Session 6

Day 2: Session 7